With regard to the tab function too, Sushi Browser actively incorporates effective use and convenient functions for the screen.
For example, it incorporates a number of functions equivalent to the Firefox add-on Tab Mix Plus.

1. Multi-row tab

Multi-row tabs can be used in the Sushi Browser. And ordinary tabs can be switched to Multi-row tabs from the main menu. Also, the number of steps of the multistep tabs and the maximum and minimum tab width can be configured from "Settings > Tabs".
multi multi-setting

2. Vertical Tab, Tree Tab

Vertical tabs can be used in Sushi Browser. Vertical tabs can be displayed from the sidebar icon of the menu bar.
It's also possible to hide ordinary tabs when displaying vertical tabs.

Also, tree tabs can also be used (layers in the order of which the tabs were opened). The relationship between panels are displayed by numbers.

3. Tab selection using the mousewheel

By moving the mousewheel over the tab bar, tabs can be selected by scrolling.
Also, it is possible to set circulation type selection(when it is to the end, it moves to the first tab next) scroll

4. Tab Preview

You can use Tap Preview of Pop-up method and sliding method.(Same as Edge or Vivaldi)
You can switch ON/OFF from Main menu.
Also, you can set the size or the image quality of Tab Preview, display timing.

For the Tab Preview of Pop-up method, you can also set below.

・ When you make Width or Height empty, it set the size automatically from the aspect ratio. When you make both Width and Height empty, it is displayed in the actual size.

・ When you set the "Display Current Preview" ON, the latest preview is always displayed. (it is displayed the preview of when completed the loading by default.) preview preview-setting

5. Tab setting

General Settings

New Tab

Tab Preview

Show on Tab

When scrolling over the tab-bar

Tab Focus

Mouse Clicking

New tab button

6. Tab operation (tab context menu)