Data import/export

From "Settings > Data" you can import data from other browser or various data export/import.

1. Import browser data

When press import , "Import Browser Data" dialog will appear and you can import from Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox data as follows:

*While browser from you are importing is starting up, there might be data which cannot be imported. Import should be done once starting up completed.

Also, it can import bookmarks in HTML file format. data-import-browser

2. Export bookmarks

Clicking the Export button exports bookmarks in HTML format. data-export-bookmark

3. Import/export settings

it can import/export the following data in JSON format.
When importing, please take note that all data will become converted.


4. Data deletion

It's possible to delete data immediately or after closing the browser.

The range of data to be deleted can be set with the following 3 patterns.

The following data will be deleted. Items stated with "Clear All Data" will all be deleted regardless of a specified range.

data-delete1 data-delete2