Sushi Browser Tips

Sushi Browser has so many functions including multi-panel. This Tips introduces how to use it.

1. Multi Panel
The biggest feature of Sushi Browser is that it specializes in display and operation with Multi panel.
In addition to displaying multiple web pages side by side, there are various functions that you can do only on this browser.

2. Video Support Function
Sushi Browser has support functions for such as video downloading and mouse operation, it can be used as a video playback browser.

3. Tab
With regard to the tab function too, Sushi Browser actively incorporates effective use and convenient functions for the screen.
For example, it incorporates a number of functions equivalent to the Firefox add-on Tab Mix Plus.

4. Session Manager
This browser has a session control system that preserves the condition of the window of browser and tab at regular interval and plays.
There is also a function for the recover of tab like a tab trush and a tab record.

5. Downloader
With download function using Aria 2c, it has 16 parallel download and resume function.
You can download links, images, and movies in the page at once by right clicking like Firefox's DownThemALL!.

6. Privacy and Security
There is a VPN function.

7. Search Engines
It features a powerful search function such as searching a selection range and simultaneous search with multiple search engines.

8. Note
It features a note (memo) function that can be used from Top Page or Sidebar.
Using TOAST UI Editor, it can be edited in WYSIWYG format (edit as seen) and Markdown format.

9. Portable Edition
In the portable version, user data can be saved in the same folder as the executable file. Therefore you can easily carry the data to other PCs, or launch multiple portable version browsers in the same PC.

10. Context Menu
In addition to the right click menu provided by the other browsers, this browser implements the original various menus.

11. Keyboard Shortcut
It is possible to set up the Keyboard Shortcut for 100+ functions.

12. Mouse Gesture
Unlike Chrome, you can use Mouse Gesture also on the administration page.
Also, the context menu can be used on Mac/Linux version as usual.

13. Chrome Extension
Almost all Chrome Extensions can be used.

14. Chrome Theme
You can apply chrome themes from the Chrome Web Store.

15. Data export/import
From "Settings > Data" you can import data from other browser or various data export/import.

16. Various Settings
Basic settings and the configuration of unique items can be carried out from "Settings > General".

17. Main Menu and Menubar
Explains the main menu and menu bar.

18. History
This browser's history function, in addition to the usual history, it can record the number of page views and length of stay on a page.

19. Top Page
On the top page, the links and speed dials to all the pages being managed and the latest history are displayed.

20. Screenshot
Screenshots of the whole page or a selected area can be made.

21. Display Functions, Binding Window
It features various functions such as Fullscreen Mode and Always On Top, Fixing the Window to the Panel, Mobile Display (User Agent Change), AutoPagerize.

You can access bookmarks from Top Page, Menubar, Sidebar, Bookmark Bar.

23. Build-in Tool
Terminal, File Explorer, Video Player, Text editor are available.

24. Video Converter
We have implemented a Video Converter function using HandBrake.

25. Automation
With automatic operation assist functions such as iMacros and IDE, we have implemented an API compatible with Puppeteer (automation in headless Chrome) API.

26. Introduction of Web Technology
This browser makes use of wonderful web technologies, starting with the following.